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Were you or someone that you love recently told that you would need long term care? Are you confused about what long term care really is and what the financial effects of long term care will be? Are you wondering how you will pay for long term care? Well, we can help! Welcome to Connect for Care.  The fact is that as we age, our ability to take care of ourselves changes. Some of us suffer from chronic illness while some of us suffer from a disability which leaves us unable of adequately caring for ourselves. Simple tasks such as walking, showering, eating and using the bathroom may become very challenging to us and thus would result in us getting long term care from professionals. If we are lucky, we may have long term care insurance but for some, they have to pay the costs of long term care themselves.

We know how stressful it can be if you have to pay for your long term care or the long term care of someone you love. We are here to make life less stressful for you. We are here to guide you through all of your available options and to make sure that you become better informed so that you can make more informed decisions.

Transparent Advice

Our goal is to provide those in need of long term care with financial advice and guidance that is straightforward and transparent in the simplest and most convenient manner.

Impartial Advice

Before we make any suggestions or recommendations, we conduct a full and in-depth analysis of your circumstances and then give impartial advice on the financial solutions that best meet your needs.

Our Areas of Expertise

Connect for Care are experts and have specialist knowledge in certain main areas of life. Our areas of expertise are:

Long Term Care Financing and Planning


General Financing and Planning


Investment Planning and Management




Retirement Planning


Equity Release


Our Independent Financial Advisers

Our independent financial advisers will help you find ways to make the best out of your financial situation and to make  your current finances work for you to help you cover the costs of long term care. Maybe you need to secure a mortgage against your property, maybe you need to sell a part of your property or maybe you need to invest your capital in a portfolio of investments. Our independent financial advisers will definitely provide you with in-depth information so that you can make the right choice. 

Our independent advisers are qualified and accredited. They can offer the added reassurance that you need knowing that they are qualified and accredited to offer financial help and guidance. Our Connect for Care advisers will help you and your family find the right answers to questions that you may have such as:

How many care hours are needed?


What type of care is needed? 


How much will the care costs be based on my current financial situation?


What options are available to pay for long term care or adaptations needed to my home?


How to find and select a quality care provider?


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Our advisers are qualified to offer you confidential advice and support on ways to fund your long term care.

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TestimonialsGlenn R. Mills

When my wife became very ill with pulmonary fibrosis, I soon realized that I would not be able to give her the care that she needed. I had to get her long term care but financing it was definitely a challenge. Thanks to Connect for Care, I soon learnt that I had options to finance her long term care.

TestimonialsAntonio B. Mitchell

I must say that I am very impressed with the responsiveness, advice and guidance that I received from Connect for Care. They really handled my requests in an efficient and professional manner. I am not able to pay for care with their financial advice and guidance.

Those who have worked with us no longer have any worries financing their long term care! Here is what they have to say about our advice and guidance.